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What are “zero impact” tree removal and tree services?

“Zero impact” means we don’t impact your property when we perform our tree services. We leave your property in the same shape we found it or better when we are done. We do this by:

  • Using climbing expertise, ropes, pulleys and “brakes” to perform our services instead of heavy machinery which can cause property damage
  • Promptly cleaning up any mess we do make

What does it mean if my tree is leaning?

There are many reasons a tree may lean, from growing toward the sunlight to storm damage to tree rot or decay.

If you are concerned about a tree that’s leaning on your property, CLT Tree can evaluate the cause of the lean for you and determine what tree services are needed to maintain the trees health or protect your property.

What does it mean if limbs or branches are falling off my tree?

If branches start falling off a tree on your property when there is little wind or storms, it could be an indication that your tree is sick and needs to be trimmed or removed.

CLT Tree offer zero-impact tree trimming and tree removal services, and can help you evaluate the right service for your tree.

What are the signs my tree is dead?

Your tree may be dead if it has:

  • No or few leaves
  • Discolored leaves
  • Bark falling off
  • Dry or brittle bark
  • Branches or limbs that break easily
  • Branches or limbs that appear brittle or dry

What could be causing my trees to die?

Many things can cause trees to decay or die, including:

  • Disease
  • Being planted too close to other trees (overcrowding)
  • Poor soil
  • Poor drainage
  • Drought
  • Not being a fit for the environment it’s planted in
  • Severe storms or natural disasters
  • Being improperly pruned, trimmed or maintained

If you are having problems with trees dying on your property, CLT Tree can evaluate why this is happening and determine what to do to keep the trees on your property healthy and thriving.

When is the best time to plant a tree?

Often Fall and Spring are considered the best times to plant new trees. These seasons give the tree a chance to get used to its surroundings and root, before the harsher seasons and temperatures of Winter and Summer.

CLT Tree offers tree planting services, to help you plant the right trees in the right location at the right time, so that your new trees flourish.

When is the best time to prune my trees?

Typically it’s best to prune trees between late Fall and early Spring, but the best season to prune differs by tree type, if they bloom and when they bloom. For trees that don’t bloom or bloom in the Summer, it’s often best to prune in the winter when they are dormant. For trees that bloom in the Spring, it’s often best to prune right after their first bloom of the season.

There are always exceptions to these guidelines, and we can help you determine the best time to prune the trees on your property. CLT Tree also provides tree pruning services, to help you ensure your trees are pruned properly. Improper tree pruning can damage the health of the tree and  impact it’s chances of survival.

When should I consider trimming a tree?

Trees are trimmed for many reasons, including to:

  • Help the tree grow or bloom
  • Remove deadwood, such as a dead limb
  • Thin the tree
  • Reduce the weight of the tree
  • Elevate the tree canopy
  • Maintain the health of the tree
  • Save the tree from tree removal

Proper and safe tree trimming requires knowledge of tree traits, as well as climbing skills and equipment. CLT Tree has the knowledge and equipment needed to trim your trees in a way that maintains their health and helps them flourish.

What is the difference between tree trimming and tree pruning?

Do a quick Google Search, and you will find there is a lot of confusion about tree trimming and pruning. Some people say they are the same thing, others say there is slight, but important difference. Some say “pruning” should be used for primarily shrubbery while “trimming” should be used for trees . Look some more, and you’ll find some people use the words differently based on why the service is being performed, for example “pruning” to promote health growth versus “trimming” to shape the look of a tree. In both cases, the terms are used to mean the removal of branches.

When you call CLT Tree for your tree service needs, we’ll discuss what tree services you need and why. This will help us determine the purpose for our services, so we can advise on the best time and way to perform your tree trimming or pruning. It’s important to trim or prune at the right time and in the right ways, to protect the health of the tree and the safety of you and your property.

What is stump removal?

Sometimes when a tree is removed, the stump and roots are left behind. This can cause a safety issue, and detract from the beauty of your property.

CLT Tree can remove the stump for you, by using machinery to grind the stump below grade and backfilling the hole with mulch.

What is the difference between stump removal and stump grinding?

Often, these terms are used to mean the same thing — removal of a tree stump from the ground. Stumps can be removed in different ways, but grinding is often seen as the best removal method.

CLT Tree uses machinery to grind stumps below grade and then we backfill the hole with mulch when we perform our stump removal services.

How quickly do I need to remove a dead tree?

If a tree on your property is dead, it needs to be removed quickly. Dead trees or their limbs can fall, causing damage to you or your property.

If you think a tree might be dead on your property, CLT Tree will come out promptly to advise on the health of your tree and the best next steps. Sometimes we can save a tree through tree trimming or maintenance services, but for those times when the tree cannot be saved, we offer zero-impact tree removal services as well.

Why do I need to remove a dead tree? Are dead trees dangerous?

Dead trees are a hazard to you, others and property. A tree that is dead can lose limbs or fall, causing a threat to the life of you and others, and potential extensive property damage.

When you contact CLT Tree about a dead tree, we’ll respond promptly, visit your property to assess the situation and determine the best next steps. If the tree needs to be removed, we offer zero-impact tree removal services. Sometimes we can even save a tree through our zero-impact tree trimming and maintenance services.

Can you save a dead tree from removal?

If the tree is dead, it needs to be removed, but often CLT Tree can catch a tree before it dies and take steps to save it through our zero-impact tree trimming and maintenance services. If we find we can’t save the tree, we offer zero-impact tree removal services.

How can storms impact trees? How can storms cause tree damage?

Heavy storms and natural disasters can uproot trees causing them to fall or knock down tree branches or limbs. This can cause costly damage to your property and even injuries. When the worst happens, CLT Tree offers 24/7 emergency storm damage services. Just give us a call, and we’ll be there.

Before storms hit you can limit potential storm damage, by having your trees regularly maintained and serviced. We offer many tree services to help you mitigate tree damage risk on your property, including tree trimming and tree removal services.

Do trees need to be fertilized?

Often in city and suburban areas, the soil is missing essential nutrients and trees need to be fertilized to grow properly. How often and when this occurs depends on your soil, the type of tree and the age of the tree. CLT Tree can help you determine if fertilization is right for your trees, and offer tree fertilization and maintenance services to ensure it’s done properly.

What is tree maintenance and when should I do it?

Tree maintenance can include many services, such as:

  • Tree trimming and pruning
  • Tree cleanout
  • Tree fertilization
  • Stump removal and grinding
  • Tree removal
  • Tree planting

Regularly maintaining your trees helps keep your trees healthy, and your property safe and beautiful.

CLT Tree offers tree maintenance services, and we come with the experience and know-how to get them done right.

Why should I hire professionals to remove my tree?

Tree removal done improperly can be unsafe and lead to injuries and property damage. Removing a tree properly and safely, requires the right equipment and knowledge. When CLT Tree removes a tree for you, we consider:

  • Where the tree is located
  • How close the tree is to other structures/property
  • The size of the tree
  • The tree’s formation
  • The tree’s characteristics/traits

While some companies use heavy machinery to remove trees, we specialize in zero-impact tree removal using a combination of ropes, pulleys, “brakes” and proficient climbing skills to remove the tree.

Why should I hire professionals to trim my trees?

If tree trimming isn’t done right, it can impact the health and life of the tree and the safety of you and your property. Tree climbing skills and equipment, along with knowledge of tree types and traits is required to trim the tree in a safe way that maintains the health of the tree.

At CLT Tree, we are skilled climbers, with the proper equipment and knowledge to trim your trees safely and effectively.

Why should I hire professionals to maintain my trees?

Proper tree maintenance keeps your trees health, growing and thriving. How effective tree maintenance is depends on many factors, including the:

  • Season
  • Type of tree
  • Age of the tree
  • Soil quality
  • Environmental conditions (Drought? High Heat? Early Frost? Many other trees or few?)

We at CLT Tree come equipped with the knowledge and experience needed to maintain your trees properly.

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