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Meet Barry


Hi! I’m Barry Flaherty, the owner and operator of CLT Trees. For over 10 years, I’ve been performing tree care services in the Charlotte area. Climbing and caring for trees is my passion.  When you have CLT Tree service you’re trees, you’ll be working directly with me and my teammate for all of your tree care needs.

A Team That’s Grown Together

I stumbled on tree work by accident, and have never looked back. I liked it so much I invited my good friend to come do it as well. Together we have worked and studied trees under several great teachers, providing us with different skills, perspectives and insights.  So not only do we both have many years of experience, we have many years of experience working together as a team, and it shows. You’ll see this advantage most when we are dismantling large, difficult trees in tight spots.

Industrial Athletes Saving Trees

I love doing production arboriculture for the challenges. It’s never the same from day-to-day.  Performing tree services is a very labor intensive job physically and mentally, and requires discipline to perform the work properly. Growing up, I was one of the best swimmers and wrestlers in South Carolina. Years of training gave me intense physical discipline and dexterity to be the industrial athlete I am.  

The more time I spend in trees the more I love them.  I’ve come to learn the specific traits of many trees. How they grow, bend, heal, smell, sway…I love to use the information I’ve acquired to save a tree before removing it. But, if a tree can’t be saved, I’ve also gained all the skills needed to safely and properly remove it.

When you do what you love, it shows in your work.  Let us show you how much we love what we do.

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What’s it like to work with CLT Tree?

CLT Tree is owner-operated. When you call, you’ll talk to Barry, and he or his teammate will be the one that comes to your property, provides you an estimate and services your trees.


Give us a call. We’ll talk with you about your tree service needs today.

Free Estimate

We’ll come out promptly to provide you with a free estimate.

Tree Service

You’ll work with us directly, not a different crew, as we perform the service. We’ll be the ones onsite performing the service for you.

Why CLT Tree?

Customer Satisfaction

We focus on you first, your trees second. We come equipped with over 10 years of tree experience and the latest in tree service technology, but our first focus is on providing you with the best experience possible. We’ll return your call promptly, provide you with a free estimate quickly, arrive on time for the service, perform our services safely and clean-up when we’re done.

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Professional Experience Onsite

Our experience is onsite. We don’t hire an inexperienced crew to perform our tree services, we do it for you. This means a higher quality, safer experience for you and your trees.

Safe and Insured

Our focus is on the safety of you, your property, your trees and ourselves whether we are removing a tree, removing a stump, trimming a tree or helping you clean-up storm damage.

And, we don’t leave things to chance, we’re insured. Nature can have a mind of its own, but rest assured that when it does, CLT Tree will have you covered.

Quick Service

Did you know it can take up to 6 weeks to get an estimate and up to 6 months to have your trees serviced from some other tree service companies? Not us. We’ll be there quickly for any tree service you need us for, and we offer 24/7 storm damage services.  


One Stop Shop

If you have a tree care need, we can help you with it. We offer many different tree services, including: tree removal, stump removal, tree trimming, storm damage help and tree maintenance.

Need a different tree service? Give us a call, and we’ll discuss your tree care needs today.

No Large, Heavy Machinery

We want to ensure that both you and your trees have the best experience possible, so we don’t use large, heavy machinery to perform our tree services. Instead, we use climbing skills and ropes, pulleys and brakes to offer zero-impact services. This allow us have the lowest impact on your trees and property, and get into spots machinery can’t.

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